Almond Eye Cinderella Story


Hello everyone. It is Unaman (@unahara3).

This time, I would like to write about the Japanese racehorse Almond Eye that made the shocking world debut by winning Dubai Turf the other day.

アーモンドアイ(Almond Eye

Father: Lord Kanaloa
Mother: Fusaichi Pandora
Mother and Father: Sunday Silence

With Almond Eye

In 2018, she won the 5th triple crown marione of all time, winning the cherry blossom award that is the maroon of the horse, the oak horse, and the autumn flower prize.
At the Japan Cup of the same year, he made a victory by making a 3-year-old mare in the world record record of 2,400 m of turf.
The other day, at the midnight of March 31, 2019 (Japan time), when I made a world debut with Dubai Turf, I made the debut match with the strength of the masterpiece and made my first victory in the world.
The name of the horse is derived from “the shape of a beautiful face”

2 years old (2017)

Almond Eye’s debut match is “2-year-old New Horse Battle (Niigata Racecourse Shiba 1400m)”
The Rumer horseman was put on his back, and his debut match was overwhelmed by the most popular game with a 1.3-fold victory.
Almond eye’s taste is a straight horse from the middle to the last.
In the early stage, I was able to proceed with the race slightly behind the middle team and bring in the development of the ideal to be played in the last straight line.
In a straight line, the horse group was sewed and stretched, but it was not possible to beat Nishinourala, who had been competing in the first group since the race early, and lost to a second place (two horses away).
Currently (2010.04.02), only Nishinourala and Ryotaro Nonaka have won the Almond Eye.
The second game, like the “2-year-old not won (Tokyo Racecourse Shiba 1600m)” debut, is the most popular with a single win of 1.2 times.
In the race, as in the debut race, the race is advanced behind the middle team, and when it comes to the game in the vicinity of the 4th corner, the other horse is beaten and the unvictorious defeat is achieved with one match.

3 years old (2018)

The year when she suddenly became famous.
Starting battle in 2018 “Shinzan Memorial (Kyoto Racecourse Shiba 1600m)”
In this race, Lemère jockey who was riding on both races was unable to ride because of the suspension of riding.
Her performance has never changed, even though she has been replaced by Tozaki.
In the race development, the last leg in the last straight line burst, and it finished from the back at once, and won the first prize victory of the heavy prize.

The Cinderella Story of Almond Eye began here.

The stage I chose next ・・・ The first match of “the cherry blossom award (Hanshin Racecourse Shiba 1600m)” A dream stage once in a lifetime. Horses that challenge this stage have risen in levels significantly compared to the previous three runs. Lucky Liqué, who won the 2018 Hanshin Juvenile Phillies and the Tulip Award of the Cherry Blossom Award Trial, and won four straight wins from his debut. Lily Noble and Maurea came in a betting ticket in the same race, although they could not win the lucky lilac. Primal scene of Almond Eye and the owner of the horse at Fairy stakes. It has been suggested to be the most popular so far, but Lucky Lilac already winning the G1 will be the most popular and Almond Eye will be the second most popular.
In the race, it was a straight game, but it failed to start and was behind him in the second position, so I didn’t care if the race ended. Get out straight and out at the top with lucky lilacs and so on. He won the first victory in the GI with a single crown crown. The winning time of 1 minute 33 seconds 1 was 0.2 seconds higher than the record record of the famous Apapane who won the crown in 2010.

The race that follows is the second crown “the oaks (Tokyo Racecourse Shiba 2400m)”
Horses from trial races such as Flora Stakes Satsuma Satnowalkyure gathered in addition to the preceding race of the flower race award.
There is also the victory of the cherry blossom award, and it is estimated to be overwhelmingly the most popular at 1.7 times.
Unlike the cherry blossom award in the race, while taking a look at lucky lilacs, we will take a position around the middle group and advance the race.
In the last the cherry blossom award, it was the last leg game after entering a straight line, but it was different in this race.
I started to make inroads at the 4th corner, and when I lined up with Lucky Lilac that was moving early, I pulled out.
After that, although it is lined up with the rear noir which came from the back, it spreads the lead in the remaining 1F (200 m), and wins.
I decorated a martial arts double crown. Winning time 2:02:23 was a time close to the record record of the prestigious Gen Tildonna with 0.2 seconds.

It is now a form of putting a royal hand on a maroon mare.

” the autumn flower award(Kyoto Racecourse Shiba 2000m)”, the third crown of the event Horse racing fans’ expectations also appeared in the odds. Among the second most popular Lucky Lilac 7.3 times, the Almond Eye is 1.3 times and the overwhelmingly popular first run and it is a run. At the start of the race, although he was late at the start, he took the position of the middle team and carried the horse racing fan’s dream to the final corner. The same as the previous race, they have made a foray from the outskirts of four corners. In the last straight line, I escaped with a quick rush of Mickey Charm and won the victory at the same time as the maroon. The winning time is 1 minute 58 seconds 5. Almond Eye has achieved the fifth ever marshal of the fifth in a history of six years. (The last three crowns were Gen Til Donna)

It was noticed that which race they would go to after the victory in the maroon.
Among them, the “Japan Cup (Tokyo Racecourse Shiba 2400 m)” was selected.
A race in which the Osaka Cup winning horse Swarves Richard, the Shuval Grand aiming for consecutive victory, and the Kiseki of the Kikka Prize winning horse will run.
It is 53 kg of the lightest weight against an old horse for the first time, and the odds will be a run that is pushed to the overwhelming first popularity of 1.4 times.

At this big end, she takes tactics to further expand her horse racing range.
So far, it was the last leg game in a straight line at the end of the race, but this time behind Kiseki fleeing. I played in the development to advance the horse race in the second and third from the front.
The last straight line I met.
If you get stuck in the 1st floor, you will be left behind to win.
Winning time 2 minutes 20 seconds 6.
This time was the record time of the horse race turf 2400m in the world.
(I watched this race live, I was shocked so much that the bird’s skin could come up locally)

It is a race video shot in the field.
Please note that your voice may be loud

2018年 ジャパンカップ(G1) アーモンドアイの衝撃レコード!!!

The Japan Cup victory for 3-year-old mare was the second in six years since Gen Til Donna in 2012.

In 2018, the results of 5 wins and 5 wins (G1 4 wins) were evaluated, and the JRA award year horse and the best 3-year-old mare were voted in full match.
The yearly representative horse was elected in good standings since the 2000 T.M.Opera O. It was the first ever election in mare.

4 years old (2019)

Almond Eye goal was the “Turkish Arch Award,” and before that, it was Dubai Turf that he chose for his overseas debut.
Immediately after the start, Lemère riders took the position behind the middle group and advanced the race.
The Almond Eye was a masterpiece, as you enter straight from the corner from here, while the other horse is in full swing with a beard, the Almond Eye sees the beginning as a horse, and the Rumer horseman confirms the back Then, after confirming the other horse to follow, he won with an order of several bats.
The winning time is 1 minute 46 seconds 78.

You can check the race video here.
(With some commentary)


I think Almond Eye is a horse that is really likely to win the Arc de Triomphe.
I think that the burden of carrying the dream of the Japanese horse racing world will be considerable, but I believe that it will lightly carry and lightly run.
First of all, only hope that you can challenge the Arc de Triomphe award safely and well.

Unfortunately, the entry to the Arc de Triomphe award has disappeared.

The second run of Almond Eye is the 11th “Rest Yasuda Memorial” at Tokyo Racecourse on June 2, 2019.

The first race of Almond Eye.

I am looking forward to what kind of race she will show us in the world of miles where famous warriors gather.